Smart City Platform

Smart City Platform

With market conditions expected to see record demands of Smart City projects in numerous cities throughout the world over the next few years, Addant has entered into a contract with a French simplified joint stock company to develop Touch Screen application (Kiosk, Mobile etc.) that provides global public services on urban space. Complex, overpopulated and rapidly growing cities will require successful urban planning and management to restore and improve quality of life for all city-dwellers. Visit for more information about Smart City projects.

Our Solutions


Work Order Assist

Work Order Assistant is an Android based employee facing mobile app that helps them to know their work assignment, status of the work, area of the service points. This is a handy tool for employees to manage their work order flow and be very effective in completing work orders.

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City Passport

City Passport is a mobile app designed and developed to help citizens with their various activities in a Smart City. It helps them to park, move efficiently in the city and get information regarding city, information about activities or what takes place where etc. This will be a key tool for any citizens in order for efficient mobility in any Smart City.

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Multi Service Kiosk

Multi-service kiosk is a touch screen application that provides global public services on urban space. A master multimedia kiosk manages all services using a touch screen, devices (printers and camera) and different types of payment (coins, NFC, credit cards) and Satellite kiosks handle current and future needs (electric refill station, Signage, Sharing bicycle service etc.) This is Plug’n Play modular based application using Prism architecture in WPF.

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Multi Service Kiosk Admin

This is the administrative application that allows users with permissions to access kiosks for maintenance, coin drop collection etc. This is Plug’n Play modular based application using Prism architecture in WPF.

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City Service Web Admin

This is a centralized administrative application that allows configuring and administering all City Service based applications. This application provides an interactive dashboard with efficient KPIs and other important information for City Service Center. This is Plug’n Play modular based application using Prism architecture in Silverlight.

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Customer Care Web Application

This is a customer care web application that allows Smart City subscribers to enroll themselves into Smart City Platform and manage their account. Features like easy self-enrolment, an intuitive dashboard with summary and details of account transactions, managing eWallet account etc. make this web application a very handy one. This is a multi-language web application using HTML5, Node.js, Angular js, Bootstrap CSS & Jquery

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ePC (Electronic Parking Control) is a Android based mobile application to enforce parking rules and penalize violating vehicles. This is a handy and user friendly application that the agents can carry to determine breaches. This application is synced up with the central server, which will give agents real time data.

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