Around Me in a City

Whenever you go in any City, one most common thing that you have in your mind is to find your favorite restaurant/fast food place around you. How about finding your favorite shopping place or having a fun night experience like night club. Once you find your favorite location, how about retrieving an itinerary to reach there? It will be easy if I can get the itinerary on my phone so that I don’t have to take any paper print out. May be I need more than this.. Before even I go to my Point Of Interest, it will be better if I know if they are open currently and what type of services they provide, or what payment methods they accept. It will be awesome if I can get some promotion vouchers that I can redeem at that location.

I was in the architecture team for creating a Smart City Platform & Touch Screen Kiosk software that can satisfy all the above requirements. We had distributed development teams in France and India who worked together in getting the data source (services) from the city of Nice and present it in a user friendly way in Touch Screen Kiosks. Below is a sample screen from the Kiosk that we deployed in Nice France.

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